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stone cleaning

stone restoration

Stone Cleaning and Polishing London 

We all love the look of a great stone surface - it has the appearance of perfection. However, when you have stone in your home or business, it is essential that you maintain it. We can work with you to keep the stone looking like new. We offer a wide variety of services to suit your every need. We work with every type of stone and can provide a range of solutions to your stone problems.

If you have existing stone, over time that stone will naturally change in appearance and with use could become slightly scratched. Regularly cleaning stone will extend it's usable lifespan, polishing stone will be the best way to return its looks to the original state. If, both cleaning and polishing the stone, does not return it to it's original appearance, then you should consider resurfacing it.

After time, stone surfaces can need re-sealing, re-grouting, the removal of any lippage and even minor crack repairs could be needed. These minor imperfections can effect your use of the stone surface. If your stone joints have started to widen and gaps are beginning to show, you will need to re-seal or re-grout the surface. 
Stone used in the home, will invariably suffer from household wear and tear over time. To help keep your stone looking highly presentable, we offer a bathroom stone polishing service or a work top repair and polishing service. 

When a piece of stone has been on public display or is built in a public area, you may need to professionally steam clean it, remove graffiti, cover minor scratches and stains or even grinding out larger imperfections. Graffiti can ruin the look of a great work in stone, using our professional graffiti service can restore the stone to it's previous appearance and not ruin any of the stone work. 

Once stone has been used for a while it may need a level of restoration to return it to it's original appearance. We can offer a high level of stone shinning, deep cleaning and restoration. The restoration process is designed to bring out the best in the stone, whilst removing any imperfections.

Which stones can we work with:
In your home or office, you will have a wide variety of stones. It might be a large marble flooring, a set granite work surfaces, a large travertine patio, a collection of onyx statues or a roof full of slate tiles. We work with every type of stone in every type of arrangement. 

Who we work with:
Our clients range from home owners, small shop proprietors and up to large businesses. We deliver the same high level of great customer service, no matter who you are. We will always offer a specific solution for your unique problem. We work to ensure that you know exactly how we can help and assist you.

Whatever your stone needs, we can cater for it. We are specialists in a wide variety of stones and we can offer a wide range of services to suit your individual needs.

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